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Enterprise tenet: Pursuing quality and zero defects - in order to be more satisfied with users and better for tomorrow.
Entrepreneurial spirit: hard work, tenacity, innovation, dedication.
Corporate style: strict, fast, realistic, and collaborative.
Enterprise policy: science and technology, quality, enterprise, innovation, soul, brand first.
Corporate goals: internationally renowned companies, world-class products.
Corporate credo: The brand determines everything.
Business strategy: aim at the world level, speed up the pace of catching up; create Qingfeng famous brand and participate in international competition.
Business objectives: first-class efficiency, first-class products, first-class service, first-class benefits.
Double Excellence Project: Let every employee become a good employee and make every part a quality product.
Quality concept: the pursuit of quality and zero defects.
Marketing concept: active service, close to users; value-added services, moving users.
Corporate ethics: integrity-based, customer first.
Image shaping: employee image - civilized person, product image - industry image - Xiaokang Garden.

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